Benefits of Solo Garlic

Benefits of Solo Garlic

Solo garlic or Single Clove garlic also known as single bud garlic in Hindi it is called as ekkal lehsun and in local Malvi language it is called as ekal kuli, in comparison to Chinese solo garlic, Indian solo garlic are small in size around 1-2 cms and more cylindrical in shape instead of full round like onions. Indian solo garlic are not full round in shape, they test strong and they smell strong, their skin is mostly white and sometimes light purple lines on the outer skin.

Solo Garlic is special garlic which has only one clove, which is very beautiful oval and round in shape. Normal garlic have various clove and joints together but solo garlic have one round shape clove which is shaped like an onion.

Production of Solo Garlic

Solo garlic found in India, China, Vietnam and Cambodia. Mostly in the central part of India and major producing States is Madhya Pradesh and some parts of Rajasthan but the biggest supplying districts are Neemuch and Mandsaur. It is grown in the month of October, November and harvested in February, March.

How Solo Garlic is Grown?

Solo garlic has its own beauty, It is not grown commercially by farmers, as there is no seed available for solo Garlic till date, they are not grown especially in the field, rather it is found naturally with the crop of normal garlic, why solo garlic become solo, it is a subject for research in botany, but a local theory says that some per-mature garlic become solo garlic naturally, there may be some reason why this happens but so far there is no such scientific study is available.

How Rare is Solo Garlic?

It is said that there is no method for growing solo garlic is it found naturally, it is found with the normal garlic crop and in one metric ton of normal garlic there may chance of getting 1 to 2 kg of solo garlic, the ratio is 1000:1, that means if we search 1000 garlic there may chance to find one solo garlic, that is why it is pretty rare.

Why Solo Garlic is So Expensive?

After Himalayan garlic, solo garlic is one of the most expensive garlic found in the world. Black garlic is made with solo garlic, as it cannot be grown commercially it found naturally and a lot of skilled labour is required to for shorting of solo garlic by hand, there is no machine for shorting available till date, and these shorting should be done two-three time to make quality as human error is very common in shorting. There is a huge demand of solo garlic but the production is very less, all these reason together make the solo garlic expensive as compared to normal garlic.

Benefits of Solo Garlic

There are many uses of solo garlic in Ayurveda. It can be used as medicine for controlling cholesterol of body. It also helps in reducing LDL cholesterol and it is good for heart patient, it is recommended to eat one raw garlic clove in the morning with an empty stomach, without taking anything, it will help in keeping cholesterol problem in control.

It will help to keep heart and blood pressure problems in control, it contains around 17 amino acids, 33 sulphuric compounds, more than 200 enzymes which helps in proper working of heart.

Solo garlic has been traditionally used for asthma treatment, when we take it empty stomach, it react with the acid gastric juice of stomach and by this process gases fumes of solo garlic heal asthma and heart problem.

Many studies have been on garlic and there are various benefits of solo garlic in disease like leprosy, bronchial congestion, arteriosclerosis that is hardening of arteries fevers, worms and liver and gall bladder trouble, male sex problem, hormonal disbalance.

Storage of Solo Garlic

Solo garlic is seven times stronger than our normal garlic, it has more heat than normal garlic and due to that the self life is less in normal temperature, they lose their outer skin faster if not stored properly, it is recommended to keep solo garlic separate from other garlic and store in refrigerator and use reefer container for transportation.

Suppliers of Solo Garlic in India

As per our information biggest stockist and supplier of Solo garlic from India is M/S SRJ Global Enterprises for more information you can contact on You can also buy online from Amazon to buy click on below link

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