Benefits of Solo Garlic

Solo garlic or Single Clove garlic also known as single bud garlic in Hindi it is called as ekkal lehsun and in local Malvi language it is called as ekal kuli, in comparison to Chinese solo garlic, Indian solo garlic are small in size around 1-2 cms and more cylindrical in shape instead of full round like onions. Indian solo garlic are not full round in shape, they test strong and they smell strong, their skin is mostly white [...]


What is Organic Food?

First Understand our Food To understand organic food we need to understand what food we eat in our day to day life, like grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, meat, processed food and bakery products. Some of the food products come direct to the market from villages like vegetables, Milk, wheat, whole pulses and some fruits, if a farmer is not using fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or GMO seeds then it is Organic. Organic Processing Some food products are processed which are grained, washed, [...]


Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt

What is Himalayan salt? Himalayan salt has matured over 250 million years this salt contains more than 80 natural minerals and elements that are found in the human body. Himalayan salt is the most pure form of salt found on earth; it is high in minerals and contains most of all elements that are found in the human body. Everyone who loves healthy cooking this is the best thing to have in your Kitchen, it enhances the natural flavours of [...]


Benefits of Organic Food

Understand Organic Food Demand of organic products in India is increasing day by day it is estimated that it will be double in 2022, many big companies are coming in certified organic production and processing, organic farms in India are increasing very rapidly, The Future belongs to those who believe in organic living Many state governments are trying to convert whole state as organic producing state by restricting chemicals and fertilizers. Our government is taking a lot of initiatives to promote organic farming [...]


Challenges with Organic Farming in India

History of organic farming in India India was totally organic land before 1960, but after green revolution slowly farmers in India started adapting modern ways of farming like use of fertilizers, pesticides, GMO seeds, tractors, ground water irrigation and chemical to increase the productivity, due to this a whole generation is habitual of doing non-organic farming, it is very difficult to make them understand that non-organic ways of farming will result in less nutrition food and will affect the [...]


Why Buy Organic Products?

Difference between organic and Non-organic We always hear the word ‘organic’ in our day today life, but we really know about organic? What is organic? Why we choose organic? Is organic food really healthier than non-organic food these are some questions come in our mind when we shop for organic food, so to find answers to our questions we need to know how these organic food come to us. Organic food comes to us from organic farms, the farmers who [...]

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