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We have an organic farm in the state of Rajasthan from where we procure best quality summer harvested organic henna, we collect fresh henna leaves from farmers, then we dry them in the shade we do not use sundry henna as there are chance of getting lawsone loss from UV rays. To dehydrate fresh henna leaves we use close shade to avoid dust and other foreign material. We always grind new batch of fresh harvested henna for every order to give best quality every time, we are one of the leading suppliers of Henna, Indigo, Cassia powder in India, USA, Australia and Canada our henna is very popular among henna artists, it gives very dark color on body and last for more days.. 
Our henna powder is meshed three times by cloth to make it fine powder so it becomes very easy to make corn and draw body art, it is very popular among henna artist. lawsone contain is around 2.26-2.6 %, it gives a very beautiful color on skin, it is safe on skin and we fulfils all the FDA norms.
Our henna powder is natural, without any adulteration of other leaves. It is best to use on hair, it acts as a good conditioner and gives natural color to hair. It is free from the chemical called:
“Para-Phenylenediamine [PPD]’’


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