What is Organic Food?

What is Organic Food?

First Understand our Food

To understand organic food we need to understand what food we eat in our day to day life, like grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits, meat, processed food and bakery products. Some of the food products come direct to the market from villages like vegetables, Milk, wheat, whole pulses and some fruits, if a farmer is not using fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or GMO seeds then it is Organic.

Organic Processing

Some food products are processed which are grained, washed, stored, cleaned, polished, processed and packed. They all also comes in organic and Non-organic categories. Grained food like spices, coriander powder, chilli powder, wheat flour, besan etc. Washed food are ginger, potato, vegetables, stored food are seasonal agro products, dry fruits, grains, wine, chess and many such products, polished like pulses, packed food, processed food, dairy products and bakery products these all come under processed food.

Chemicals in our Food

If a manufacturer uses artificial food additives, this includes artificial sweeteners, preservatives, coloring, flavouring and monosodium glutamate (MSG), chemicals to mature fruits like carbides, insecticides in storage, antibiotics, drugs, steroids and hormonal infections in meat and dairy products then it is Non-organic food.

So in over all our food is comprises of two things raw food and processed food, now we need to understand from where our food come, first is grower (farmers) and second is the food processors (manufacturer). If they are using organic practices than the final product is organic food.

Organic Concept

Indian philosophy of organic food is “Giving back to nature” means what we take from nature we should give back to nature in other way organic means understanding our nature and working with nature.

Organic food production is finding the farming problems and processing problems within the available natural resources, organic farming is itself a very vast topic, in short to understand organic food you need to know that food which is grown and processed without the use of Chemicals, fertilizers, antibiotics, drugs, pesticides in any way is an organic food.

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