Challenges with Organic Farming in India

Challenges with Organic Farming in India

History of organic farming in India

India was totally organic land before 1960, but after green revolution slowly farmers in India started adapting modern ways of farming like use of fertilizers, pesticides, GMO seeds, tractors, ground water irrigation and chemical to increase the productivity, due to this a whole generation is habitual of doing non-organic farming, it is very difficult to make them understand that non-organic ways of farming will result in less nutrition food and will affect the fertility of land.

Farmers need more production in less effort

Today’s Farmers were only consecrating on the productivity of crops not the quality of crops, they are ready to use anything to increase productivity, they don’t want the crop to get damage because of any pest, insects so they are ready to use any poisonous chemicals to protect their crops.

India where the 55% of the population is in agricultural allied business and farming is the only way of livelihood, whole family depends upon the income from farming. So farmers are not ready to take risk in doing organic farming as organic farming has its own challenges. In India farmers have small-small lands and in a village there are many farmers, so it becomes very difficult to convince every farmer to adapt organic farming.  

Some Greedy farmers in India

It is very difficult to explain farmers about the long term benefits of organic farming they wants instant results, were in certified organic production farmers have to wait for three yes to get the result, this becomes very challenging to make them understand that organic farming will increase the productivity of their land after three years.

No organized market place for organic products

If a farmer grows organic food in his farm then it is difficult for him to sell it, as in India there is no such market where they can go and sale there crop as organic, the only way is the exporters and some organic retail chains, who buy organic products direct from farmers, in this case farmers always have dilemma that the company will buy my product at the right price or not as there is no such regulatory authority which regulate the minimum and maximum price for organic products  

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