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Fenugreek ( Trigonella Foenum Graceum ) It is used as fresh green leaf vegetable and as dry leaf whole year when the fresh leaves are not available, Dry Fenugreek leaf is called kasuri methi and it is a very important spice in Indian cuisines like meat curries, dal, vegetable dishes and chutnies. Fenugreek seed is yellowish-brown in color, pleasantly bitter in taste. It is used in curry powders and many spice blends.
India is a major producer and exporter of fenugreek seeds. It is harvest in March to April and mostly grown in the central part of India it is used as a food additive in curry powder and spice blends and also a digestive stimulant to promote lactation, it is also used as a digestive food in cattle feed
Qualities available:
1. Hyderabad Type : Largest seeds
2. Europe Type : Uniform size, less rain damaged and no green seeds
3. Average Type : Average size and color
4. Grinding Type : More rain damaged and dead seeds [for grinding powders]
5. Animal feed Type : Mix seeds unequal size purity is 95% [negligible green seeds]


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