Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile

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SRJ offer Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Cooking Tile for Grilling, Chilling, Searing, Serving and Outdoor Cooking on Barbeque for your Kitchen. Everyone who loves the excitement and pleasure of discovering new cooking techniques will enjoy this guide to grilling and entertaining with salt blocks cooking tile. You can cook different varieties of meat, seafood, poultry, and vegetables. You can also serve pork belly, lamb and salt Seared Tuna and sushi on the salt block.
We offer different sizes in cooking tiles like 12’X8’X2’8’X8’X2’, 8’X4’X2’, 8’X4’X1’, 4’X4’X1’.
How to use and care for cooking salt tile: – Place the salt tile over low open flame to get hot and it will release moisture that may have been present on the crystal after it gets heated properly placed tile over high flame. Important point to remember is that tile should be dry prior to grilling.
It is recommended that the salt block cooking tile should handle with care. If you are not using the salt block cooking tile for a longer period of time, then cover it properly in a plastic bag, put back in the box and keep in a dry place. It is recommended to keep the salt block cooking tile in cover during the rainy season. You can clean the salt block cooking tile with cloth after use.
STORAGE: It is recommended after use store in a dry place cover it in airtight plastic bag to avoid dissolving by coming in contact with moisture or water.


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