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Himalayan Salt Lamp made up of Himalayan rock salt, which is deposited in the earth 200 million years ago, it is also called as Vastu lamp because of its various benefits.
How Himalayan Salt Lamps Works?
Salt is hygroscopic in nature which attracts moisture. When a salt lamp is heated, moisture on the surface of a salt is evaporates and releases negative ions these negative ions react with the dust and other particles presence in the room and settle down on floor which naturally clean air in the room. After some days aura of that place changes due to elementary waves and light rays come from Himalayan rock salt lamp, in order to facilitate this small bulb is placed inside salt lamp.
You can put a few drops of essential oil or non alcoholic based perfume on top of lamp and it works as a room freshener.
Care of Lamp
It is recommended that the lamp should be light everyday to get the benefits. If you are not using the lamp for a longer period of time, then cover it properly in a plastic bag, put back in the box and keep in a dry place. It is recommended to keep the lamp in cover during the rainy season.
You can clean the lamp with cloth when it is off.
STORAGE: it is recommended after use store in a dry place cover it in airtight plastic bag to avoid dissolving by coming in contact with moisture or water.
Keep lamp and electric fitting out of reach of children and pets. Place the salt lamp on a waterproof base. Never move or clean the lamp when it is on. We do not claim for any medical treatment from our products; however the theory hasn’t been tested.


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