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Tulsi or India basil has many medicinal and spiritual values in Indian. Hindu grows tulsi plant in the entrance of home and worships it twice in a day, they have devotion with tulsi and they believe tulsi keeps disease away from home, as it is a natural antibiotic. There is a confutation between holy basil and tulsi, many people think that Holy basil is tulsi, but Indian tulsi is very different from holy basil, plant size, leaf size smell test seed everything is different.
In India commonly there are two types of tulsi plant are found Rama tulsi and Shyama Tulsi, we keep both in stock, we have tulsi dry leaves, tulsi Powder, tulsi stem, roots and tulsi seeds. We offer raw dry tulsi leaves and powder. We use both wild tulsi and organic tulsi from farmers to make powder, purification process are carried out under expert supervision of our TQM department, we do the shorting of on the bases of colour and size, Further we do grinding in SS pulverizer, until we make a fine powder of 150-200 mesh size, all the grinding and packing process we do summers to get the best dry powder without any moisture.


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